Seffi Ben Joseph is a traveler, journalist, writer, editor, photographer, guide and lecturer. Seffi is known for his unique and original style in writing, lecturing and guiding. His presentations on radio talk shows and television programs leave his audience intrigued and curious.
Amongst his books: "Longing for a Distant Beloved", "The Land of Seasons and Four Winds of Heavens", "Israel - Little Big Country", "From the Holiest to the Lowest and also the Saltiest", "Path of the Crazy Goat", "Trees, Gods and Lizards", "Dragon Garden (China)", "Little Things in the Colorful Garden (children book) and more.

Seffi was also the chief editor of the “New Israel Guide”.
Any trek with Seffi in Israel or abroad is a sure promise to see things through his eyes and views which is a special experience.
Seffi travels around the world with small groups of friends who know that even when they travel to well known and advanced countries they will, together with Seffi, visit the most extraordinary sites. In every trip, the most important experience is meeting remote people and tribes in their natural surroundings, tasting their way of life and cult.

Seffi gives lectures to "armchair travelers" as well as to those who are interested in places he visited. They can, through his photographs and stories, feel and be part of different places around the world, understand the connection between men and nature, cult, beliefs and traditions as well as the role of human societies in eco-historical processes.
The lectures bring also stories of personal adventures and
extraordinary experiences such as meeting Cannibals, Shaman ceremonies, meeting with Mountain Gorillas, buried cities in Asian jungles and many more.
Seffi Ben Joseph resides in Sharona, Israel.


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